Narendra Modi is free to apply for visa: Top US official

Next Indian Prime Minister?

Next Indian Prime Minister?

A senior US official has recently said that Bharatiya Janata Party’s  Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was free to apply for an American visa and only then, a decision on it would be made by the concerned authorities according the process that they have in place to grant visas to foreigners.At her daily news conference on Friday, State department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters, “We said he (Modi) is free to apply for a visa, and we’ll make a decision based on the process that we have in place here,” .Earlier in 2005, Modi’s visa for travelling to the US had been revoked by the state department in the wake of the 2002 riots in Gujarat as there had been talks of Modi being the catalysing force behind such riots.

It has been repeatedly said officially by US that there is no change in its long-standing visa policy relating to Narendra Modi but like any other applicant, he is free to apply for a visa and await for a review being made by the authorities entitled of carrying out those formal tasks.

When he was asked whether he is aware about the comments being made by Congress party vice-president and their unnamed highly speculated prime ministerial candidate, Rahul Gandhi in a recent interview on 1984 riots, he said, that he had not seen those comments thus refusing to divulge anything more on the matter.

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