Narendra Modi: The new darling of the media!

Narendra Modi

All that glitters is not gold?

Imagine being a part of the crowd in a circus where you have to applaud trapeze artists who are falling off the rope constantly! Imagine yourself clapping for a joker who hasn’t cracked a joke yet! But, the current scenario of our media is such that they can make us believe that a monkey roars like a tiger and a tiger jumps from one tree to another. Although we don’t believe such things can happen, we still applaud to them, the makes media makes us to act in that manner.

The circus is none other than the Indian political scenario and the Tiger (read monkey) is our PM Narendra Modi. With ‘zero’ doubts over how good an orator he is, it is still hard to believe that we are applauding for him and his actions. A monkey doesn’t roar after plucking fruits from a tree, it just eats and throws the seeds away. It needs an intervention (read media) to make us believe that the monkey really roared. With the number of U-turns that the Modi government has taken in their 8 months of governance, it is hard to even imagine that we are still applauding for him.

Monkey business!

The extension of the 123 deal was subject to immense media coverage. No criticism and no focus on the drawbacks of the deal. The media showed this agreement as if USA had surrendered and transported all its nuclear weapons to India. The truth however is that the deal, that Modi and co opposed in 2006, increased India’s foreign dependency for energy. Modi, here, jumped to a tree called America, ate the fruit of media ecstasy and threw the seeds away (for us to do the cleaning). Then he jumped to several trees named Australia, Japan, Britain etc. We, temporarily, cannot assess how many seeds and fruit skins he has thrown away- but surely a lot of cleaning will be assigned to us in near future.
The media, by the way, covered it as if the OM had conquered the lands he had travelled to.

Made in China!

Agreeing to Jinpings conditions over investments and SEZ status to China, Modi made himself look like a tiger again. A tiger who roared and all of a sudden China’s infiltration in the eastern theatre halted. This meeting was more like Mr. Modi loaning his nation’s reputation to China while China enjoys the loot of the Indian market- the SEZ allowance and FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) assistance confirms that. The media still shows our PM as a tiger, who roared. And there is a serious wave of praise for him, ‘the man who made China closer to us’ was the status attached to him- not by any one but by the media.

Narendra Modi

No one can question NaMo’s PR skills!

The reality!

Be it the 6 MoU’s Mr.  Narendra Modi signed in America or all the words of praise that the Sheikhs of Arabia and the leading parliamentarians of Australia have for him, none really direct us to the status he has today. But one thing, though assumed, is for certain. Mr. Modi has been a chocolate boy for the western elite men who literally own the media. His actions that favor the west and do not assist in the development of India in any manner prove that he is doing them favors. And of course, they are doing favors for him. He talks of pro-India reforms, but brings in pro-west reforms. 49% FDI in defense, 100% FDI in telecom and railways are proofs of that.
The problem is that the media shows ‘reforms’ only. But, whom does it benefit? They never show. They never let us know. Is it pro-west or pro-India? Who cares, ‘Atleast, he is doing something’ is the wave that the west governed media has embedded into us. His larger than life persona makes us believe that he is a man of character, his scripted rallies and PR agency written speeches make us believe that he is ‘the’ man. In more than one way, this hoopla is nothing but ecstasy of media around the brand ‘Modi’.


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