NH10 Review: Anushka Sharma’s Beyond Perfection Performance and A Terrific Reality On Screen


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A fun couple on their road trip heading towards a romantic getaway. Everything seems merry until something happens on the NH10 highway. Well, that something is not desirable by me and you. It is indeed a stark piece of today with violence packaged in the most subtle manner.  The horrors of a lonely highway packed will surely send the chills down your spine the next time you plan to go on a long drive. The couple who thought that it will be a perfect romantic getaway, eventually drag themselves in the loop of the pathetic social crime which these Haryana goons are up to.

Anushka Sharma is Meera and Neil Bhoopalam is Arjun. They are having their lunch on the NH10 highway dhaba when suddenly these raw, vulgar and abusive gang of goons come and attack a couple. Events turned for the ugly when Arjun intervened and both him and Meera were sucked into this. That’s how it is, this movie at end will knock your conscience.

To begin with Navdeep Singh, the man behind this movie has delivered another beyond par direction with a strong narrative and spell bounding script. Unlike ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’, this movie hits it off with the audience right from the start. The actors Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam have set their standards above excellence with their performances in NH10. The highlight of the movie ‘Darshan Kumar’ (remember Mary Kom actor) surely surpassed his previous performance. He was nasty, mean and terribly stoic.

The movie is pacey and dark, it has some crooning background score and strong characterization. There are some scenes that will make the people who are sitting on the other side of the screen, sit upright and take a note of it. There is a scene in the movie where Meera (Anushka Sharma) lights a cigarette while the offence maker is struggling to stand on his feet. Such kind of instances made the movie best so far in 2015. The vigor and the conviction is seen through in the movie.

The movie hits the bull’s eye because of its setting, the atmosphere, the language, the characters and the story telling. The tension that it tries to build is done beautifully where the audience is always praying for the protagonist to be safe. All in all NH10 is a must watch for all those who are ardent admirers of good film making with an alternative story line. Watch it for the actors, director and the script. Also see Anushka come out of the shell of her stereotyped commercial movies.

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