An open letter to Steven Gerrard from a Liverpool supporter

To Steven Gerrard,

Steven Gerrard the Liverpool captain!

Steven Gerrard may have slipped but Liverpool are still in charge!

I can never empathize with you. It’s humanely not possible though. You stood there, when Anfield roared, when Rush,King Kenny, Jamie along with a million of unknown fans avowed the welcome of the much coveted 19th. You stood there when a helicopter landed on Anfield and flew back to Stamford bridge with our most prized possession. You stood there when Liverpool finished 7th even after having the likes of Suarez…you stood there during that 2008-09 season…you were even the top scorer of the team…you scored your first Premier League hat-trick against Aston Villa…but a club from Manchester snatched the glory we were supposed to enjoy…

You have gone through a lot; taunts, accolades, victories, defeats but nothing has been able to daunt your will to conquer England. You forever wanted to lift the trophy and now when your dream was nearly achieved, you slipped. Your manager has accused Mourinho of parking two buses. I don’t agree. A higher percentage of possession doesn’t guarantee a win, rather, a higher accuracy in the counter attacks might just do the job. Football has changed.

You might get away with that slip if Liverpool wins the title. but there’s no script to decide fates on the green turf. People call that destiny, the holy shrine of English football eludes everybody. You are frighteningly close. May be you will lift the trophy.
Media plays a curious role in your country, they look for heroes, not the normal hero everyone imagines of. They look for the fallen ones, probably they’ll glorify you in many ways, probably you will remain a tragic chapter in premier league history. The media will declare you as the last heir of a dying breed of footballers, footballers who belong to one club. But will that save you from the pain of underachieving? The problem is; I am your fan and I am not English. I don’t understand football the way you do. I don’t celebrate football the way you do. I am lightyears away from Merseyside, but your win has always put smile on my face. I don’t remember the day I embraced YNWA. Whatever it be, you’ll remain my hero. I don’t want Liverpool to win EPL for you, success doesn’t work that way. if Liverpool wins, it’ll be because of men like you. I lend my last thoughts from another Liverpool lad; “Suddenly I’m not half the man I used to be/there’s a shadow hanging over me.”


a Scouser


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