Political Parties celebrate Valentines Day as well

Long-stemmed red roses, personalized gifts or an outing was considered to be very romantic till some years back. But now the expectation of lovers has swelled by leaps and bounds and demand for more precious items like gold or diamond. The political parties too are in tandem with lovers’ demands. Their demands too get expanded. They do not remain satisfied with a mere political position but bulge out for more powers.

The Valentines Day begins on the 7th of February and lasts till 14th of February through series of loving processes. It starts from offering red roses, called Rose Day, then Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day , Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally Valentines Day. The political parties’ hunt for their Valentines also run through a series of processes. To find out their allies, they first contact middlemen who would bring them on a platform. They draw some regulations, only to be broken by them in future, to safeguard their own interests. Thereafter, they offer sweets to each other and later some goodies. They shower promises to the people gathered to listen to their speeches and hug each other to show solidarity and finally jointly raise their hands before the media and the people to showcase their unity.

The initial years of marriage are very loving and enjoying for the young couples. They go for long romantic vacations, candle-lit dinners or even grocery shopping for the household with their hands held tight together. Soon, a few years later they give birth to their child.  Slowly the Valentine dies down and the love and affection gets centered around the newly born. Similarly, the political parties also rejoice for sometime till they reach their goals –  the power to rule.  Hobnobbing, lobbying and greed for more power grasp them gradually and soon their love for people takes a dig and switch over  to money-making and money-laundering.

Young couples make tall promises to each other before marriage and slowly succumb to the family pressure and as they grow older, their hopes get shattered. The political parties too make false promises to the people in the hope that the public memory is not strong and sooner or later they will forget everything and they can come with new false promises in the next election. The young-turned-old couple in their end state of life ponder what wrong have they done and what could have been done. The state of repentance lingers till their memory works and a stage comes when they devote themselves to the feet of Almighty for justice. The politicians in India, on the other hand, never get old and relish to remain in the power corridor for as long as they can. Looking for a lover by an individual is a holy thinking and connecting a true Valentine could change one’s life pattern. But the hunt for a Valentine by the politicos in India is altogether unholy. Their search for Valentine is only numbers and those who could add more numbers to the powers that be, would fetch the highest regards from the relatively lesser numbers. The power game played by the political parties in our country has, in true sense, lost its relevance and people are shying away from queuing-up to exercise their franchise. Jai Hind !

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Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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