Pepper spray blot shames Indian Parliament

The street and Parliament virtually remain no different after Thursday as pepper spray, uprooted microphones, shards of broken glass and brawls succeeded in turning the Lok Sabha into a battlefield between the supporters and the rivals of the Telengana Bill which was going to be presented in the Parliament. This extreme kind of irresponsible vandalism has seen four MPs being taken to a hospital but three among them were later discharged. Not only this, 16 MPs have also been suspended and they will not be allowed to set their foot in Lok Sabha when it again meets on Monday.

While Congress is more than determined to have the separate state of Telangana created in order to bag a majority of 17 seats from the region, they succeeded in getting the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill “introduced” by Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, but only after the  Parliament kept its tradition of setting new lows thanks to their MP’s ever-declining standards of conduct.

The five-minute riot in Parliament was effectively constructed by those who has by large said that they will not allow such an unjust proposal that bifurcates Andhra Pradesh by carving out Telangana as a new southern state to be discussed or voted in the Parliament. Some of them got engaged in tussles with others while the rest were seen uprooting microphones, smashing glasses, tearing up official papers and trading blows to show their rage. In the midst of all this, Congress’ MP Lagadapati Rajagopal took his chance to smuggle in the 200ml pepper spray can. According to a senior official, another MP was trying to sneak in with a bottle of petrol into the Parliament only to be unluckily caught by security guards. And what is more alarming and shameful even to know, those finest architects of today’s violence were literally unrepentant and most of them were accomplishing and taking pride in what they have done today.
The politicians who had been opposing a Telangana state for quite some time were raising their collars for them continuing on with their bad behaviour since this Parliament session started its run on the 5th of February, but what happened today is an exhibition of total anomie which is absolutely unprecedented and unwanted in the history of the Indian Parliament. Speaker Meira Kumar, later suspending 16 lawmakers for the violence, said that they have shamed India as well as the Parliament.

The ugly events reiterating some of the most shameful episodes in state assemblies and surely on top of the history of the Indian Parliament again raises the same question – aren’t the law-makers, by and large, law-breakers?

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