Politics over party – a shivering tale of Bengal

TMC workers

TMC workers clash with Election Commission officials

The West Bengal is a politically divided and polarized state where political rivalry is the call of the day. Whether politics or no politics, the issues are always considered and mapped on the perspective of political point of view. A case in point is a controversy between a house owner and the tenant  is also considered as a political issue.

The political rivalry was there in the past and is now deep rooted in the society which is wide spread in the rural areas and to some extent in the urban areas as well. When the election is declared in the state – be it municipal or panchayat, assembly or parliament – the political opponents roll up their sleeves and get ready for the battle.

The party, who is strong in his own belt,  flexes muscle  and does whatever they can to bring the situation in their favour. Obviously, the ruling party has the edge over all the parties since it enjoys the favour of the administration. The rowdyism and hooliganism crosses all its limit which entails to driving out the opponents from their homes and even damaging their properties like setting the party office and homes on fire. Most of the cases, the opposition parties remain in the receiving end.

Like in the past when the Left Front was in the power in West Bengal, they were also engrossed in the fear tactics to stay in power for long. The present ruling party Trinamool Congress is no exception. They seem to have inherited the terror tactics from the left. The  poor village folk are getting the boot and experiencing a torrid time.

The West Bengal is a difficult state to handle as admitted by Special Observer of the Election Commission, Sudhir Kumar Rakesh on the post poll press meet. When he visited the Bengal for the first time, complaints poured in from all opposition parties about the threats, intimidation, and possible booth capturing by the ruling party. Mr. S.K. Rakesh proudly said, “he has the remedy for all diseases”. But the fact is, that from third phase to the final and fifth phase, there were thousands of complaints of booth capturing and malpractices reported by the opposition parties, supported with video footage to the Election Commission. While leaving the Kolkata, the Special Observer has admitted that he has failed to read the character and pulse of the Bengal poll scenario and therefore, his medicine, which is more suitable for Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, did not function in the process.

This remark has opened the eyes of all the people in the country that how election is engineered in Bengal. The people’s verdict is not heard of  instead it is suppressed by barbaric attack on the common man. The opposition supporters and activists are threatened by the goons. The terror tactics reared its ugly head a month before the elections and continue even after results are out.

With the change of the regime in the state, the perpetrators of violence have also changed the camp. Opposition parties claim that they are being targeted by the ruling party. Elections are over but  its repercussions are still being felt across the state.

Question is that when Bengal will emerge from under the shadow of dirty politics. By applying strong-arm  tactics people’s voice gets throttled and democracy dies a sad death. Hope, good sense will prevail and a new dawn will bring the reignite hopes.


Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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