Possible debris of MH370 located in southern Indian Ocean

Search continues!

Search continues!

A Chinese aircraft has spotted floating objects in the southern part of the Indian Ocean as international teams continue their search for the missing MH370 Malayasian Airlines flight.

Xinhua, Chinese news agency, said that the personnel on board Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft scouring the seas for possible debris of the flight noticed “two relatively big floating objects with many white smaller ones scattered within a radius of several kilometres”.

This was following satellite images showing possible debris of the aeroplane in the southern Indian Ocean which strangely disappeared about a couple of weeks back after having taken off for Beijing. Australian Maritime Safety Authority are also joining in the search and have declared that the search area where the debris has been spotted could be reached today itself.

US, Japanese and Australian aircrafts have joined Chinese to scout all the seas to find any remains of the missing flight. The largest search in the history of modern aviation seems to have met a ‘credible lead’ after this mass was spotted in the southern Indian Ocean. The fact that India radar history could not furnish any trace of the flight flying over her land, only lends more credibility to the claim.

Chinese have been growing impatient and have been annoyed with the way Malaysian authorities have handled the search operation and have taken the matter in their own hands. There were 153 Chinese nationals on board the MH370 flight however, the search may not be an easy one given the fact that the images are a few days old and the debris may have sunk by now.

The waters are some of the roughest in the world and that part ranges between 1,150 metres and 7,000 metres in depth.


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