Rahul Gandhi : The Lonesome Prince

New Face of Congress?

New Face of Congress?

I was listening to the conversation of three men. They went for their morning walk and were now resting their bums on this concrete bench. “No man! He’s not the guy!” exclaimed this gentleman, aged about sixty, strings of white hair had surfaced on his head. “He doesn’t have the faintest idea of what to say and what not to say. Leave alone running a nation!”, another man said, stretching his arms wide open and taking a deep breath. “How would he? Has he seen the country?” soliloquized this octogenarian.

‘He’ , as referred to is quite clear, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Who is he? Does he run the nation? No. Does he run the ruling party? No. Is he the opposition leader? No. Yes, he’s a politician. He organizes rallies, delivers speeches which lack logic and relies more on emotions. But that’s characteristic to most of the leaders in this country. Then why is he subjected to stern criticisms? I was lost in this ‘Why’.

Firstly, we need to understand the normalisation of our expectations. We, like a significant majority of our country believe that running a country is an easy task. Who will finance the projects undertaken? Government. Who will organise the land for industry? The industrialists. And to measure our leaders’ achievements we figure out a scale, and if there is a slight deviation from the set point, the neta is subjected to criticism. Instinctively, we develop this idea of an ideal leader and get so immersed in that we become too judgemental to anyone and everyone.

“Desh ka neta kaisa ho, …….jaisa ho.” , however wearied we find this slogan, but this probably epitomizes our mentality. This originates from our willing impersonation of the top netas. And sometimes our expectations become an overburden. Then is it wrong to expect from the Govt? After all this is why we vote to decide our govt. I won’t discuss this here now. But these things make me think leadership in this country like a liquid matter which takes the shape of the vessel it’s put into. If this wasn’t the case, Rahul Gandhi wouldn’t have been constantly compared to Modi. Modi govt is an expert at administration, skilful at running the govt, proven at the realisation of govt policies, tested at politics. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t run any govt, not tested even at politics. Yes he’s a politician whose views are different from Modi’s. This is normal. Did L.K Advani believe in the same model of politics Mr Vajpayee did? However vehemently we cry about unity in diversity, we can’t really expect the idealism to follow the same trajectory. But a minute analysis of our expectation makes me think about a one way traffic. The conversation which started this essay goes by the same trajectory. May be they don’t want Modi, may be they’re afraid of the sectarian image he possesses, but they’re under some compulsion because of the dearth of proper leader against Modi.

The rich, the poor, the rural or the urban people, everyone expect good governance. Most of us do not understand the slight difference between stern governance and autocracy. But that’s why we vote to decide our leader. And then we think that this leader will come about to relieve us from all the pandemonium. So every leader has to bear the pressure of expectations and govt has to run its course with this pressure. So it’s impossible to maintain hundred percent efficiency. Like the expectation from the industrialists.

Rahul has faced them many times. The gist of his speech has always been the universal growth opf economy. But he has avoided a few things. Like the violations of environmental norms in industrialisation, the distribution of minerals etc. So industrialists who came to hear something they haven’t heard have been disappointed. Mind it, these are the same set of people who were elated by Mr. Manmohan Singh and now are vocal about the indecision that has engulfed the govt. this shattering of expectations and the built up of the same around Modi shows two bidirectional tendencies which has put the centre of mass of the govt in a turmoil. In this situation the name Rahul is constantly been resurfaced. Though he himself doesn’t like to be in the limelight. Whenever we talk about him, we talk about his lack of political vision, his qualifications. Or is it all a question of qualifications? Or is it our try to stigmatise Rahul because we haven’t found the ideal leader I mentioned earlier. Amidst this tumult we hear something more terrible. We hear that rahul Gandhi is losing power in his own party. Some senior leaders are acting against him. Because he tells the straight as straight and the curved, curved. May be it’s all a hearsay. But the person who’s lonely inside his party will surely be lonely outside it. He might not find anyone beside him. But then again he has to ravel a long long path. Not being alone, but being lonely.

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