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This valentine, when I sat to pen down the feelings of my heart, my cardiovascular system was taken over by a surge of inexorable emotions. The first thing to ring bells in my mind is how commendably the corporate demography has commercialized a day and I don’t mind accepting being a part of the crazy sheep factor. A refreshment from the hectic schedule of daily errands is always welcome. But then, again I thought, what should I write significant to the ideas of the day. Five Greatest International Romantic Hits, Saga of Bollywood Breakups, The Most talked-about heart break kids, or The most romantic film of the decade! No! Then I thought why not celebrate the spirit of the day by narrating you two tales of true love story.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Laxmi and Alok Dixit

Her face, her childhood was ravaged by man almost double her age, whose marriage proposal she dint accept. She was only 15 years old at that time when a 31 year old man pursued her for marriagLaxmi with Alok Dixit598294e. Rejection was certainly not acceptable and as a show of his manhood he chose to destroy the girl’s life. But fate had different plans for Laxmi after-all. She emerged and how! Her bravery is an example for many. Now 25 years old, Laxmi has put up a brave front and took the tide to her side. Her courage is admired even by the US First Lady.

Love just happened in her life and it happened most unexpectedly. It was when she was campaigning on social media against acid attack back in 2013, that she met with her beau Alok Dixit, a 25  year old activist. Laxmi’s spirit bowled him over and he was left with no choice but to confess his love for her. Alok was stunned seeing Laxmi’s fighter spirit. While other victims would shy away from public gatherings, cover their faces, Laxmi chose to walk with pride. She participated in the cause boldly, voiced her opinions sans any fear.

But things were not butter smooth for Laxmi. It took her eight long years to muster courage and step out of the self afflicted darkness. When she thought of taking charge of her life, neither did she get any job nor did any of her relatives came forward to support her. They said, her scarred face scared them away. When Laxmi looks back at those dreadful days, she still feels the pain and how it hurts more than the sting of acid slowly melting away her skin. So far Laxmi has undergone seven surgeries and she might have to go under the knife for a few more times.

When Laxmi found her companion in Alok Dixit, they decided to break the norms of the society and evade the pompous show of marriage. Laxmi and Alok are in live-in relationship and they decided not to get married ever because of obvious reasons. It was a painful journey from societal isolation to the companionship, but Laxmi has walked across it with pride and courage. Today the couple is living together, they are looking forward to spend their life with each other, have kids and have a happy old age. But marriage is definitely not on cards. They have the support of their parents too.

Adriana and Mukesh

What happens when a 41 year old firang falls head over heels for a desi chhora?

Well it’s as simple as it can get. They get married! In what may sound like a fairy tale of sorts or an advertising gimmick, this is a true life/love story and Adriana and Mukesh cannot thank their fortune fairy more for conniving their romantic union.Californian-woman-marries-Indian-boy

When Mukesh, a twenty five year old lad from rural India, who had barely completed his graduation in Mass Communication confessed his love to Adriana, the 41 American, a mother of two and grandmother of a cute kid, later was not quite sure about her reaction.  After being pursued, and more so pleaded by Mukesh a million times, one fine day she thought, of giving it a shot. At that time no one knew that one small decision by Adriana actually changed the fate of two poles apart people living poles apart at divergence.

When Adriana expressed her desire to visiting India only to meet Mukesh, her family was not very supportive of her decision. They even coined the possibility of Mukesh being a con-man, but then love has its own set of rules that obliges to none.  Adriana had made up her mind. With her luggage packed she was ready to set forth on a journey that was about to change her life, FOREVER!

When Adriana, landed on Indira Gandhi Airport, she was still not sure of her decision, but it just took a sight of the young boy to make her life changing decision.

Adriana is happily married today, but things dint fall into place that easily. She had to make many compromises to be with the man she loved.  Adirana today lives with her inlaws and she participates proactively in the regular daily chores of a rural Indian family. Frankly speaking, one could have made a long list of reasons why Adriana and Mukesh shouldn’t have ended up together, but as the famous saying goes, “Love is Blind” and we say “So be it” as long as Miyaan Biwi Raazi….. To Kya Karega Kaazi!


Crazy writer, Wacked Out reader & a Stumped observer! Call me a Film maniac or a Mythology enthusiast, a GK monger or an Economics gazer, I am one girl/woman who suffers from chronic attack of optimism and is the owner of a voice which is pretty loud and opinionated.

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