Road to General Elections: War of Words at its lowest

War of words!

War of words!

As the General Elections are nearing, the air is hotting up beating the summer heat with filthy and foul languages throwing at each other. Narendra Modi’s “AK” remark a few days ago sparked controversy and now Saharanpur’s Congress candidate, Imran Masood has even threatened Modi “to chop him into tiny pieces if he tries to make Uttar Pradesh into Gujarat“. This remark has certainly added fuel to already boiling atmosphere in the country.

The Saharanpur Congress nominee’s uncle Rashid Masood was the first politician to be disqualified following conviction, found himself in the midst of a raging controversy.  Significantly, the Congress candidate remained unfazed and did not offer any apology. After receiving flak from different corners and upon Masood’s arrest on the wee hours today, Rahul has suspended his visit to Saharanpur for good order’s sake otherwise it would mean endorsement of the hate speech.

The hate speeches will only escalate the violence in the politics and if there is one beneficiary to be identified, it is the politicians who are spewing venom. The hate mongering would do no justice to the society or any community but may eventually develop into a clash between the two groups. The parties are nominating candidates to contest the election on the ground of primary analysis whether he has a chance to win thereby ignoring other aspects of the candidature.

The party top brass, on the face of criticism, condemn such speeches but hardly initiate any action against those hatemongers. Mere condemnation is empty and meaningless unless the person is convicted . If the politicians continue to behave and address as street thugs, the verbal abuse may find them on the wrong side of the history in the near future. It is time that the party functionaries behave properly and take stern action to eliminate those who play politics with the lives of thousands .

Distasteful languages are the order of the day and politicians should understand that elections are not won on abuse but it attracts defeat and develops hatred and enmity between the rivals which can intimidate  them to clash against each other. In a democracy, elections should be fought on development issues and not on caste and religion that only invite partisan behaviour from each other.

Parties should not downplay the issue of ‘war of words‘ which would only invigorate and rejuvenate the elements to go at war with more verbal violence. Parties like to remain in power by hook or by crook and in the process, adopt unethical methods in recruitment drive to strengthen the party.  Politicians only play the politics of sheer opportunism and it is evident that even a person who was a Modi baiter the other day is joining hands with the BJP at the stroke of General Elections.

The laws of the land provide enough power to the state administrators to take cognizance of the situation and take appropriate action. The Election Commission too is empowered by the Constitution of India and should act strongly, not as a toothless body,  and dismiss their nominations from contesting polls.

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