Romancing with Hollywood Chick-Flicks

Why should boys have all the fun?


The mind-boggling action sequence, with cars dropping from air and men flowing from God knows where truly doesn’t strike the right chord with most of the ladies. While films like Fast and Furious, Transformers and Die Hard rule the men’s world, we, the tender counterparts of human society are known to develop liking for something that is more surreal yet has real feelings in it. I mean imagine lanky looking actors performing the craziest stunts ever, or machines transforming into ugliest predators. Yes they hold a lot of meaning in the scientific world of fiction but when it comes to pleasing the heart of a woman, we definitely need a lot more than that!

Girls just adore Edward Cullen!

Edward and Bella made a perfect love story

We need the tale of real life with emotions beckoning us from the land of fantasy. We don’t mind being audience to an out of the world odyssey but only under one condition! It should portray the reminiscence of human emotions and vulnerability towards love and affection. I cross my heart and speak on behalf of my kind; majority of us fell head over heels to see how a fragile girl of flesh and blood could drive a divinely handsome vampire crazy in Twilight Saga or an unbelievably huge Hulk made every effort to protect the love of his life . For once we girls won’t mind a vampire like Edward haunting us in our dreams.

In simple words it would take filmmakers a lot more than action, science, outer-space narrations and aliens to impress  women audience. We are hard to get, no matter what role we play. Women make up majority of the movie audiences and surely they are crucial to any film’s success.  With Dear John, a 2010 release opening up to $32.6 million (The New York Times), we can certainly conclude that women audience emerged as a powerful force at the box office.

Keeping aside the preferences of women, the male audiences too enjoy breaking out of their macho-shells occasionally, to explore the softer side of manhood. Needless to say that a majority of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters ever were what we typically call “CHICK-FLICKS”. Remember the most heart-warming classic love story “The Note Book” – the cinematic representation of Nicholas Sparks’ bestseller with the same name? The film grossed $81,001,787 in domestic market alone.

I am just a girl, standing infront of a boy!

The beautiful Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant romantic!

When Rose bid the teary good-bye to Jack, both men and women audience cried alike at the tragic end of lovers in Titanic. The irresistibly stunning Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Notting Hill definitely made men across the globe go crazy about her. Whether it is Sarah Jessica Parker and her gang of girls in Sex in the City or Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days or Mila Kunis in Friends with Benefits, Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality or Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic, Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries or Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jone’s Dairy, the girls made the world dance along with them to their tune. Not only did these films fetch unfathomable success at the box office, but they continue to rule the hearts of millions across the globe.

The innocent gleam of their eyes, their smiles as sweet as drops of heaven, they have the body of an angel and heart of a rockstar! They definitely are the major attractions of any Chick-Flick. They are the real game changer in Hollywood and a reason behind the prosperity of the industry. The Hollywood filmmakers did it before and they will continue capitalizing on Chick-Flick formulas to earn billions from their box-office success.


Crazy writer, Wacked Out reader & a Stumped observer! Call me a Film maniac or a Mythology enthusiast, a GK monger or an Economics gazer, I am one girl/woman who suffers from chronic attack of optimism and is the owner of a voice which is pretty loud and opinionated.

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