The Sahara Empire needs “sahara” from judiciary

Toying with the judiciary?

Toying with the judiciary?

The head honcho of Sahara Empire has made a mockery of the Indian Judicial System. Firstly, on the basis of the SEBI report, the Highest Court ordered to dispense Rs. 25000 crores to the investors which was not adhered to instead he challenged the report saying that the SEBI has no jurisdiction or the right to frame him and order him to refund money to the investors. Subrata Roy was barred from leaving the country in a verdict by Supreme Court.

Secondly, when he was asked to appear before the Apex Court for hearing on the matter, he was dilly-dallying with the order and preferred not to appear personally instead sent a battery of lawyers to fight his case in the court. This absence was not taken by the Supreme Court in good spirit and finally ordered the UP Police for his immediate non-bailable arrest and produce him before the court.

The final nudge by the court has taken a serious jerk in his stardom and since then Subrata Roy has been absconding. The UP police was also playing a hide and seek game with Roy who had a long political arm extended to the top political brass of the country. But alas, the main strength in the Indian democracy is hidden in the judiciary system which is almost impossible to evade. His run ended when police picked him up from his residence after 48 hours of terrible search and a long 7 hours drama.

Initially, Subrata Roy took the system as a joy ride but later, under tremendous pressure from media and the court, he apologised to the Supreme Court and requested to recall arrest order since he had no intention to abscond and only staying at the side of his ailing 93 years old mother who needs him most at the moment, and doctor’s certificate was attached in this respect with his appeal. The Chief Judicial Magistrate heard his appeal but was reluctant to buy his logic and directed  the UP police to ensure his appearance before the Supreme court on 4th March at 2 p.m. Ironically, the police did not file any FIR and instead of putting him in judicial custody, the Sahara chief was driven on a luxury car and was put in a  forest bungalow where he enjoyed all the  luxury he was used to.

The Indian business magnates have long been taking the judiciary into their stride and mulling all opportunities to make a farce of Indian democratic and judiciary systems. Take for example, the Kingfisher King who has been unable to pay salaries to his employees for quite sometime now, is on a buying spree. Kingfisher are buying businesses in domestic shores and overseas as well. The top honchos are very insensitive towards humanity and their action at times, is bizarre. Vijay Mallya has invested about Rs.60 crores in the recent IPL auction for buying domestic and international cricketers. He is now the owner of the largest yacht in the world but when it comes to paying salaries to their staff they seem to be playing insolvent.

The Sahara empire has about Rs. 70,000 crores of assets overall spreading over hospitality, healthcare, consumer merchandise, kids creche, dairy products and poultry. There are two more Sahara firms which are under scanner.

Sahara claims that few investors are not traceable. Now the question comes alive – who are these investors ? Are they politicians ? There are in all 2.2 crores of investors’ investment at stake. Political parties, barring a few exceptions, have kept their mouth shut. Cannot the common people understand the causes of stunning silence  of the political parties who were seen rubbing shoulders with the Sahara boss ?

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Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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