But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?

–         Mark Twain

Satyamev Jayate Season 2 is coming soon!

Satyamev Jayate Season 2 is coming soon!

Satyameva Jayate, the nationwide movement against Satans of society, is back  with its Season Two, from March 3!!If you’re making a face at the ‘nationwide movement’ phrase, you’re at liberty to! But this show seems remotely close to the ‘who-was-your-high-school-crush’ talk shows, more like an initiative to ‘help’ than to ‘judge’. With Aamir Khan at the centre stage, Satyameva Jayathe is ready yet again, to travel further on the journey, with the common man,for the common man.

Every episode of Season 1 had put stress on one thing, if we want an end to a nightmare, we ourselves should be the solution. Be it child abuse,child labour,rape,discrimination,female foeticide, there’s no better solution than ‘ourselves’. That ‘yeh-sarkar-kuch-nahi-kar-sakta’ can be replaced with ‘hum-kuch-kar-sakte-hai’. If ‘we’ don’t change, the country never will,indeed ‘Charity begins at home.’

Satyameva Jayathe has never been an ‘eye opener’ for the government. Its been strong enough to accuse the ‘self-imposed-blindness’ of the leaders in issues,that had happened under their nose, killed,destroyed and uprooted the roots of the country. The show was successful to pump adrenaline to the corrupt, to sow seeds of fear among many.

The show hadn’t just dealt with the Satans, but even the Gods,who are ‘not’ worshipped,yet. It had introduced the ‘common’ kings,who’d dedicated their lives to the movement of  ‘helping others.’ Infact, Season Two,is set to begin with Aamir Khan in Gehlaur in Bihar,where a man Dashrath Manjhi(from Season 1) had spent 22 years of his life,carving out a path through the mountains,singlehandedly,for the welfare of his village.

sj1If Satan has to go, he needs to be addressed, not avoided. And if Twain was right, the prayer of billions could very well have some effect ,to make the society pure and clean. I repeat, a prayer of ‘billions.’

Our independence in 1947 had been a report card of the hardwork every Indian had put in, to pass one of the greatest exams of time. It had pointed out the ‘truth’ that, nothing is impossible, if we do it together. Today, if the shackles of social discrepancies need to be broken, every single Indian needs to break it,together.

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