Save-for-later: Facebook’s rolls out its latest feature


Facebook rolls out new feature

The wealth of information that’s out there is far too much for anyone to keep track of. Amidst the pile of junk that we have to sort through every day, we come across articles, news, stories, features, interviews, etc that we really like and are interested in. But with people leading busy lives, it becomes difficult to stop and read, comment, discuss about things you see online.

To help users with this problem, there are apps that will allow you to save your links that you can access later. Examples of such apps include Pocket and Instapaper. Downloading these apps to your devices will help you keep track of all the website links that you come across that you may want to read later.

And of course, Facebook has gotten in on the act as well. The Social Media giant has brought back the save-for-later feature to all the users, thereby allowing people to save their favourite posts, links, etc to re-visit later. This was a feature that was already there on Facebook a couple of years ago, but for some reason was dropped.

But now, with the focus of the company being on becoming the go to place for news, this feature makes a lot of sense. While trending topics and the Facebook Paper are good features in this direction, the save-for-later feature will give users the chance to go back to a news item that they want to read in-depth later when they have time.

This also helps those users who like to get into discussions with their peers about certain topics on which they may not be able to comment on at that moment due to work pressures or other pressing issues. With this, Facebook has given more reasons for users to be on its website for longer durations than they already are.

As always, Facebook has made it easy for its users to use this feature. So, if you find some post on your timeline that you want to revisit later, all you need to do is click on the drop down menu that you’ll find on the top right hand side of the post and one of the options is the save option. Click on that and the particular post will be saved for you to check out later. You can access all your saved posts from the link of the left side, if you are using a desktop, and mobile users can access it by hitting the “More” option.

With almost every user having a lot of friends and being part of a large number of groups and pages can make the news feed very cluttered. And when you add the fact that your Facebook timeline algorithm is not chronological, it can get difficult to find something that you liked in the past or wanted to check out in more detail. With this save-for-later option, you’ll be able to go back to these posts, and since for now they’ll be ordered chronologically, it will be easier for you even if you want to go back for a significant period of time.

Of course, there will always be the problem of users not wanting to give Facebook more ammo about their usage habits. For now, your saved posts will be visible only for you, unless you want to share it with people. But with Facebook trying to monetize every single feature as much as possible, and the furor over its “social experiment” not completely dying away, it will be interesting to see how the reaction for this will be.

But certainly this feature will also be fair game for ad targeting, especially if these words from a Facebook spokesperson are anything to go by.

“Currently you cannot target ads specifically to saved content. We will explore this more in the coming months but don’t have anything more to announce right now”.

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