Shameless politicians play politics over Ranaghat rape

Ranaghat rape

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Inhuman and insane act on a convent school nun at Ranaghat in West Bengal has only brought shame on the face of the nation. The governments at the centre and state have to rein in such a mechanism that can foil any bid by the miscreants to do such a heartless act. This kind of inhuman act is taking place around the country because of the flow of irresponsible statements made by the people sitting at the top of the power.

The missionaries as well the Christian community as a whole have been the targets of a certain section of Hindu radicals although the Ranaghat incident may not be an attempt on the Christian to jeopardize the sanctity of the chapels. The incident at Ranaghat has CCTV proof  that the miscreants had not only looted around Rs.7 lakhs in cash but also ate food from the refrigerator before raping the 71 years old nun in front of another nun who came to thwart the dacoits.

The recent trend of “Ghar wapsi” by Hindu radical has enveloped the entire country where Christian community is targeted and even the Muslim community is also scared about the development. The recent incident in Hisar where a church has been demolished by a group of Hindu fundamentalists saying that it was lying abandoned for decades.

Cardinal Baselios Cleemis, the president of one of the most influential Christian organizations in the country has said it is the responsibility of the government to protect not cows alone but human beings also.  This has infuriated the BJP in the state of West Bengal as they countered him with a slew of comments that the CBCI President is playing in the hands of the TMC and trying to brandish it a political colour. The state BJP spokesman said when CCTV footage is available why are not the culprits being arrested and brought to book.

Cow protection has resurfaced in the national discourse in recent weeks after outfits associated with the Sangh parivar pursued the matter with renewed vigour and a Maharashtra act banning most varieties of beef was cleared by the President.

Modi was accused of keeping a studied silence over a string of communally provocative acts allegedly committed by RSS affiliates recently. A perception has gained ground that he did not wish to confront the Sangh. Modi’s silence was occasionally interspersed with insipid interventions in Parliament and outside. But US President Barack Obama’s wake-up calls -sounded in India during his January visit and later in the US – over the attacks on religious minorities prodded Modi to try and thwart the Hindutva agenda.

A statement issued early today claimed Modi was “deeply concerned” over Sunday’s attack on a Hisar church and the rape and robbery at the Convent of Jesus and Mary High School in Ranaghat early on Saturday. It stated that the PMO had asked for an immediate report the action taken on these incidents.

It is good to note that the prime minister of India has issued a strong message to the governments of Bengal and Haryana (a BJP ruled state) to reason the incident and what action has been taken so far. The problem remains on the century old hatred and abhorrence amongst the caste and religion that was prevalent in medieval India when the rulers did not spare the other community from being oppressed. This revulsion is not going to die down with mere words of authority but a strict administration and a powerful and trustful series of communications between communities and religions would ensure better ties.

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