Sharad Yadav’s comments exposes the Indian mentality

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The day Kerala state assembly became a war zone, the Upper House in Delhi got into a fuss over the mockery by JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav. If he is to be blamed for his comments on the dark skinned women especially from southern India, the members of the House are also to be held responsible equally for their laughter at the wasteful deliberations at the highest house. It is a pity when the Speaker was insisting the JD(U) leader to deliver on the issue (the Insurance Bill) he belligerently defied the order and continued to make a mockery of the house.

Known for his long, meandering speeches, Sharad Yadav who also has a best parliamentarian award under his belt had made the comments in Rajya Sabha. A noted and seasoned parliamentarian like him should not behave in such a fashion and restrain from making such sexist remarks such as colour and body of the women.

The JD(U) leader when contacted after the episode was looking very defiant and refused to beg apology for his comments on women. He defended himself and argued that he did not say anything wrong about the women and welcomed to have a debate on this issue where he would justify his comments. The point is that his arrogant gesture and attitude has made the people startthinking whether they should elect such people who in turn select them in the Upper House.

Women all over the world are subject to attraction but in India they are looked as a commodity which can be bought and sold at a fair price. The point is that why the other member of the House did not oppose to such remarks instead enjoyed the moment as if they had it in their platter. The shameful gesture of the odd 80-90 members on the House on that day is no less inferior to that of the speeches of Mr. Yadav.

The remarks made by Mr. Yadav must have hurt the dignity of the women who have expressed their views in the media in a dejected way and hoped that he will apologise in public. When Smriti Irani requested the Speaker to ask Mr. Yadav to apologise for his comments which is sending a wrong message to the entire country, the JD(U)  leader looked stubborn and unrepentant over his sexist remarks and triggered a fresh furore by seeking to run down HRD Minister through comments which were even more controversial.

Smriti’s persistence angered Yadav who because of his claim of seniority frequently gets away with statements for which lesser mortals have been routinely taken to task. Although the HRD Minister was making an appeal and folded her hands it failed to shield her from the ire of Yadav who brazened out the protests over his sexist remarks by refusing to apologise.

Fortunately, the good sense has prevailed over the members of the Upper House who did not remain a mute spectator and protested vehemently over his sexist remarks made the other day. Although Sharad Yadav demanded a debate on the issue, the people of India would prefer to advise him to concentrate more on the politics than on the body and colour of the women.


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