Sherlock series 3 finale review: His Last Vow

Sherlock Holmes
The phrase named ‘Human error’ is in Sherlock Holmes’s vocabulary only as an abstract concept; it may be called a trap into which others fall while he watches impassively. Sherlock has been seen wrong before, he was seen waver, we’ve seen him to be afraid, but  miss out something was never his cup of tea. The final episode of “Sherlock” season three – “His Last Vow” – was an episode balancing each aspect in equivalence.

Just like previous seasons, “His Last Vow” can be defined as a marvelous episode with major twists, an impressive and shrewd villain, both of which led the good old super-sleuth back to his brilliant best.

Called rightly as the ‘master blackmailer’, Magnussen – a newspaper proprietor -sneaks into the lives of the elite Holmes only to face him as the cold villain.Finding out Magnussen to be going against his elder brother Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock reasons to John Watson: “He attacks people who are different and preys on their secrets.”

The blackmailing letters of Lady Smallwood made Sherlock fake love with Janine. However, one of the major twist leaving most viewers gasping was Mary Morstan (aka Mrs. Watson) shooting at Sherlock as an undercover assassin.

Dramatic tense moments followed the incident as Sherlock was fighting for life in his subconscious state with images of Molly Hooper, Myrcoft, Philip Anderson and finally, Jim Moriarty as the looming phantom. During that time, what was haunting him was his error in recognizing as he remembered his till-then encounters with Mary leading him to discover his failure in deducing her actual identity. However, Mary’s identity as not just an assassin but as a victim of Magnussen weaved the plot to further complexity.

The caring nature of the detective came up as he tackled Magnussen indirectly picking on Mary to get to Mycroft. But herein, the mastermind villain played his cards well revealing he had nothing to hide except his sharp undaunted memory, and thus making Sherlock a treacherous target in the government’s eye. Sherlock, finding himself in a fix, shot down Magnussen to put an end to the chain of events.

However, crispy plot along with strong dialogues admixed with unpredictable turn of events and obviously laden with enough drama, ended giving the biggest twist of all – Moriarty’s resurrection. And thus assuring the fans that the detective will be back again to have themselves amazed one more time.

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