So What if I am Fat?

In this age  of slim and zero figures, people stare and give that dirty look to those who are a bit bulgy or fat.

So? Big deal! Let them! If you are confident in yourself, then they are just people who only know to point fingers on anything and everything. Girls, this is your life, so do not let people judge you on your looks.

Adele fat woman

This so called ‘Fat Lady’ has been ruling the roost in the music industry for a long time now!

No need to skip your meals and torture yourself for the sake of others.

Here are a few things you should, do no matter what and how you look!!

  • Every morning you get up, kiss your cute chubby cheeks, your hip and your tummy.
  • Love yourself, because nobody on this earth can love you more than yourself.
  • Take people’s comments positively or just ignore them.
  • Try to be happy and satisfied with whatever you have, because not all fingers in the hand are same.
  • If you are restricting yourself from the delicious pastries and cakes just because people criticise you for being fat then please do not. Eat because you like to eat.
  • Your friends, family never judge you on the basis of your looks, so care for them not for them who are already nobody in your life.
  • Wear clothes of dark shades like black, brown, navy blue and red. Dark colours help in covering the extra flab plus add beauty by reflecting the complexion.
  • Do not make yourself suffer by burning your energy and hours in gym; rather take small meals in regular intervals and half an hour work out in morning and in the evening. Because after spending long hours in gym, your body will be tired and you would o of to sleep and everything you lose will be regained.
  • Eat non-vegetarian stuffs, it is a wrong notion that non-vegetarian food add calorie but on the other hand they are rich in protein and energy, so add them in your small meals regularly and you can see the results in a month.
  • Stretching is a good exercise and helps in burning the hanging fat or you can say it adjusts them in your body’s shape. Stretch forward, back ward and side ways to make you curvaceous.
  • Every night before going to bed kiss yourself because you love yourself no matter how big your tummy is or how people make fun of you. Just say I LOVE YOU to yourself looking in the mirror and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Come on! This is your life, you cannot be bound to something for the sake of others! Rather, do as you like and make their mouth shut by your attitude towards life, your talent and what you are good at.

Life is too short to live for others.

So girls! No need to earn respect by killing your desires. Earn respect in your own eyes and the world will respect you. If there are zero figures then see zero as itself is round in shape. Hence you are a zero figure in yourself!!


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