Weakest PM Barb on Vajpayee sparks criticism

Vajpayee weakest PM barb in bad taste?

Advani and Vajpayee, the BJP senior leaders!

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s three minutes television attack on BJP has sparked fierce criticism from BJP ranks. The sudden attack on Vajpayee has drawn counter flak from BJP. She alleged that Congress is not fighting this election to preserve power within few but spread it among the masses and BJP’s elevation would only lead the country into ruination because of divisive autocracy. She also alleged that Vajpayee was the weakest PM ever of India because he did not act strongly during Gujrat riots and he succumbed to BJP bullying. She also stepped up the heat alleging that NDA government showed incompetency, insensitive and irresponsible and brazenly corrupt.

The weakest Prime Minister barb on Vajpayee by Sonia Gandhi has fallen flat because Congress had once praised Vajpeyee being the only sensitive and responsible person in the BJP rank. From praising to calling him the weakest, Congress is looking increasingly unsure. Congress had previously praised Vajpeyee for doing Rajdharma even post Gujarat riot.

It is true that in the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition when RSS and its associates tried to build Ram Mandir, Vajpayee was the one who said that he will go by the Court’s decision. This has propelled the issue that Vajpeyee is a law abiding person. Vajpeyee also gave a red carpet welcome to the Pakistani President, General Musharraf in Agra even after their treachery in Kargil.
Congress only points fingers at Modi on Gujarat riots but the fact remains that most riots took place in Congress ruled states and when the Prime Minister was a Congress nominee. Then why alone Modi and Gujarat government will be subjected to attack on communal grounds? Then can it be said that Chief Minister and the Prime Minister during that period, where riots took place, were also the weakest ? But one should not look at things this way.

While attacking BJP on television, Sonia Gandhi said that BJP’s ideology is clouded with hatred and falsehood and she also talked about “Bharatiyata and Hindustaniyata”. Bharatiyata or Hindustaniyata is nothing but Indianness which is determined by citizenship and love for the country and their people. But how she forgets to mention that she had refused to accept Indian citizenship for quite some time even after her marriage with Rajiv Gandhi?

Sonia Gandhi accuses Vajpayee of being weakest PM

Bad timing from AICC president?

It is believed that Sonia’s scathing televised attack on BJP and Vajpayee is Congress’s last effort to make it a battle of ideology. Whatever the leaders deliver in the public, it is the people who are the best judge whether the barb on Vajpayee is acceptable to the voters or it is derogatory.

It is no denying that Ram Mandir is back into BJP’s political agenda which is certainly a cause for concern in a pluralistic society like India. Dancing on the parochial and extremist tune would only cultivate hatred and enmity between groups of religion. Although all parties claim themselves to be true anti-communal but the crux of the fact is that all parties do not hesitate to play caste and communal politics during election. Pseudo -secularism is also harmful for the society since it also spews vitriolic poison to all communities from a different angle. Politics and religion are two different aspects and politicians as well as the religious clerics should not forget that any of their wrong messages would dampen the unity of the country.

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