No Stopping Virat Kohli: -The Run Chasing Maestro!


When Sachin Tendulkar retired from the One Day Internationals, the cricket world thought that now there will be no other batsman who can lift the team in difficult situations and take the game away from the fielding side. But this concept has somewhat been overshadowed by a 25 year old guy- not quite having the personality that the GOD of the Cricket possessed- who has performed consistently and on many occasions, no matter how stiff a target may be, has emphatically anchored the run chase. He is the new India’s One Man Army! He is none other than Virat Kohli!

A wicket down, the rightie comes to the crease but without any pressure if you go by his look. His sparkling eyes expressing the desire to win.  The moment he comes to the middle, fielders think that their side has scored 50 runs less. Such is the impact of Virat Kohli.

The best thing about his game play is that he doesn’t waste too many balls. The no. of dot balls are close to negligible in his case. The way he plays, it doesn’t seem that he will score runs fast but in no time one will see that he has suddenly got a strike rate above 100. This is due to the fact that Kohli always insists on taking ones and twos on regular basis- especially against the spinners. Rotating the strikes is one of the key reasons why the right handed batsman keeps his and his team’s score ticking along and doesn’t allow pressure to creep into India.

His wrist work is absolutely beautiful to watch. He opens the face of the bat at the very last moment and that’s what is making him so successful against any delivery a bowler bowls to him. Even if a bowler bowls in the off stump channel, the batsman would come across the stumps and flick it to the vacant leg side field for a couple of runs. He makes it look so easy. Runs begin to flow like water as deliveries are dismissed to the fence from his MRF bat when the situation permits him to attack.

Many batsman do waste their start by needlessly throwing away wickets but Virat is not in that category. He converts those starts to big ones and acts like a silent guardian in the run chase. When the situation permits, he dismisses the deliveries out of the park with utmost ease. He doesn’t look at who is the bowler but he only concentrates on the delivery that is given to him.

He jumps up in the air when he completes a milestone. He celebrates by striking his fists to his bat when his partner at the other end scores some crucial runs. He then aggressively shouts to the sky after hitting the winning runs which spurs in the spirits of many other players in his team.

The chasing stalwart has a very long career to go and it still remains to be seen how many more records are broken by this man. He has already become successful in equaling the magnificent record of Sir Vivian Richards, becoming the joint fastest to complete 5000 runs in one day cricket. Now everyone hopes that he keeps on breaking records as the master blaster did in his whole career, though Virat says that he doesn’t think of records going into any game. That’s the mindset every batsman should have.

The manner in which he is playing these days, it really is no stopping Virat Kohli. So just grab a beer and enjoy every time he comes to the crease to lift his side from any trouble and let’s hope that he continues to play such magnificent innings for India not only to satisfy his team and fans but also the master blaster.


A cricket fan who enjoys to express his views and opinions about the sport. I love to watch any cricket match as teams don't matter me. What matters is the Spirit of Cricket!

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