Student migration within India: 3.7 millions migrated for education in a decade

Students of India migrating outside in numbers

Students of India migrating outside in numbers

Students are not always flying beyond the seas to have the desired campus and education. Rather, a chunk of Indian students are migrating from their native land to other places within India to ensure they are getting into the institute of their choice. The urge to learn from the best possible source  is driving several young Indians to different other Indian states to pursue an education and a degree which they crave for.

A statistical survey says that a total of 37 lakh moved to get a degree in the last 10 years, showing that a dim academic landscape near home is now unable to keep its youth from travelling to the brighter sources of light elsewhere.

The rate of departure among young men to pursue an education far from their home is higher, as reports show that 26 lakh men shifted as compared to 11 lakh women. Among those who shifted, 6.2 lakh youths (or 17%) moved to a new state; the number of people who shifted to another district within their home state in the last 10 years is quite high with the figure touching 1.6 million. Karnataka received the largest exodus of students for pursuing education from other states— 1.8 lakh —and Uttar Pradesh sent out most students in a year — 1.1 lakh.

Internal Migration for Education and Employment among Youth in India, a January 2014 research paper commissioned by UN-HABITAT’s Global Urban Youth Research Network, has begun a conversation on whether Indian states need to worry about internal brain drain from now on so that it can be checked in the near future.

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