The Tale of Tattoos – How it gripped celebs!

Stallone Expendables tattoo

Stallone flaunts his tattoo in the Expendables movie!

Getting permanently inked is a trend that is steering waves among stars across the globe. Whether you think they look elegant on our favourite star’s body or you think they are kind of tacky, the who’s and who’s of the world film industry have certainly discovered themselves an all new liking of getting done tattoos of their body. Don’t be surprised if you come across anybody cloning a popular star’s tattoo either on their arm or may be on their neck or elsewhere! There was a time when fans used to copy their favourite actor’s or actress’s hairstyle or accessories, but with tattoos making a dashing entry on to the arena, there is a new option for fans to imitate.

Deepika tattoo on her neck

Deepika carries off that tatoo on her neck with some panache!

So the tale of Tattoos, goes like this – popular stars have their favourite tattoos. Remember that time when the name Kareena flashed on Saif’s arms engraved in Hindi? It certainly steered a lot of hue and cry surrounding it and emancipated an all new trend in Bollywood. The trend of engraving the names of your partners on yourself permanently! The trend climbed new highs when our very own sex siren Deepika Pudokone got herself inked permanently flaunting the initials of her then beau, RK, on her neck. Even years after their break-up, Deepika’s tattoo is still very much the talk of town. She carries it off with élan!

Priyanka Chopra hand tattoo

‘Daddy’s lil girl’ tattoo on her right arm

Talking about body engravings and leaving out “Daddy’s lil girl”, Priyanka Chopra. Miss New Fame Hollywood Pop Star has her own version of tattoo as well and this time instead of flaunting names of present partner’s or ex-flames she chose it to be very simple yet delightful! She got a tattoo done of her father’s writing. Quite an interesting way to flaunt your attitude Ms Piggy Chops!

Speaking of Tattoos, Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan, Imran Khan and Ravishing Raveena Tondon, all have gotten under the needle to get themselves permanently inked at some point of their career or other. We can easily say, that getting tattoos done on their body, is a direct influence of the Hollywood stars. They have always been fond of getting inked and then making news with it. Hollywood stars, trigger their creative cells in mind, to get themselves engraved most innovatively. They love to flaunt tattoos with names or images of their spouse, children and beloved. Then there are stars like Sylvester Stallone whose body is a paradise of tattoos.

Permanent engravings on body are strictly a western influence and it was a sign of rebellion in the 1960s. Slowly this practice transformed into a trend in 1990s. Thanks to the world of stars, the tattoo industry is growing and is definitely making quite a bit of moolah!


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