The blasphemous BBC Documentary- The bigger perspective that shows the clear intentions behind ‘India’s daughter’

Nirbhaya Rape - BBC documentary

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The controversial decision of banning the BBC documentary- India’s daughter- Nirbhaya’s horrendous story created bipolar reactions. On one side were the people who thought that it’s blasphemous to name her on international television. They objected on the way the documentary was presented. On the other side were people who believed that the documentary epitomizes India and Indian culture. They further advocate the broadcasting of this documentary and condemn the government’s decision of banning it. Every incident has a bipolar view, that’s completely acceptable- everyone has a right to opinion. But, the picture has to be seen in a far bigger perspective to understand what really happened.

BBC didn’t tell the story of a woman who was raped. They just objectified her and sold her, even after her soul ascended to the skies. The documentary seems like a clear propaganda that tries to portray the ‘monstrous Indian society’ where women are objects of sex and slavery. There are such people in every society who do not shed a moment of shame even after committing such a heinous crime. The BBC documentary showed that this happens every day in India, it’s quite common in there and no man ever respects a woman in this country.

The rapists and their lawyers justified the heinous act using this documentary as a platform. They didn’t justify their act with a backing of their beliefs. They justified it while hiding behind the culture that is original to India. They put forward the doctrine that Indian society is like this. Hardened criminals cannot be believed, they in fact must not be believed. But, BBC makes us believe in them. Keeping Nirbhaya as a yardstick, they make us believe that Indian society is like this. BBC ensured that that the words spoken by the rapists and their lawyers appear as if they belong to the core principles of the Indian culture. They manage to show the criminals as victims of the Indian mentality.

The content and the portrayal are two different things. BBC used the emotional content to sow the seeds of portraying India as a monstrous society. Ever since Nirbhaya was raped, the media has used her to sell themselves. Statements like ‘A woman is not as superior as a man’ or ‘She was characterless to go out at 9pm’ grabs eyeballs- generates money for the media moguls. And the west has always been keen on defaming India and its society. Right from Macauley’s attempts to disdain Indian scriptures to the American media’s policy of defaming Lal Bahadur Shastri, they have tried it all.

It’s laughable to see how the media focuses on the problems, makes us remind of that incident on 16th December and makes us debate amongst ourselves again and again. But, it is sacrilegious on the part of the media to not serialize the facts of our weak anti-rape laws. That’s because the solution will eradicate the money they generate from the problem and the solution may not earn for them at all. Right from that fateful day, the media kept her alive and kept lowering her sanity time and again. Objectifying her and selling the incident shows the class that the Indian and western media actually have.

The documentary shows the reality- not of the Indian society but of its intentions. The actual rage is not because they defamed the Indian society and its culture, the rage is that they keep objectifying her and we, the equal criminals, post our opinions on our walls and participate into heated debates. The documentary is BBC’s one more attempt of injecting western influence into India. They documentary kept screaming ‘Indian society is monstrous. Look at the civilized West’. This sparks the inclusion of having a west-like India. This makes us say ‘Yes, I wore short skirts, I am a woman and I can wear anything’, taking us away from the requisite solution.

Its ‘Real med don’t rape’ v/s ‘Real women don’t expose’. Its ‘Gaon me bhi rape hote hai’ v/s ‘I wish to wear a bikini on the beach’. It is injected by the media. The solution is having a free but responsible society. The solution is sending chills down the spines of the rapists by demanding strict laws. But all we do is counter ‘Ask your daughters to dress and behave properly’ with ‘I’m going to wear jeans, ask your son not to stare at my booty’. It’s a win-win for the west. They either keep us moving in circles by focusing only on the problem. And when we think of a solution, all we see is the ‘civilized west’.

This is our country and it has its peculiar problems. We don’t need a BBC documentary to feel the brutality that Nirbhaya felt, we all weeped when she died- including men. We certainly don’t need the west as a solution for our problems. We are capable of tackling every problem that we face. We must pledge to ourselves that ‘we’ the people of this country will tackle it in our way. No propaganda can stop us from making our lives better for us.

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