Things you should never say to your boss

Don't dare your boss!

Don’t dare your boss!

What’s the first thing that came to your mind when you saw your boss on your first job? You, perhaps, just got reminded of your principal from school who suspended you for having beaten up a classmate. Or maybe, the professor from college who threatened to rusticate you on so many occasions that you have lost count.

The difference between your boss and them is quite elementary; he will never forgive you while the others just might.

The concept behind graduation is very obtuse; you are no longer a child and are expected to exhibit utmost professionalism and be aware of zero tolerance towards mistakes. You can no longer beg mercy on the grounds of being impulsively childish, those days have passed by and now you will be held accountable for every mistake that you do.

So what are the five things you should never tell your boss? Lets have a look.

1. “But tomorrow is Saturday,right?”

He has not asked you to come to office tomorrow being completely oblivious about the fact that it’s a Saturday. Everything in that offer letter barring your basic pay is a promise, not a commitment.

2. “My work is done”

Stating this in front of your boss is inviting trouble, hence more work load. If you complete your work early that can only translate to one conclusion; you never had enough work to begin with.

3. “The battery in my phone died”

If you are planning to skip his calls late in the evening or over the weekend, think up a better excuse because this one was outdated by the time your grandpa retired. Tell him it was stolen and the police returned it back to you the following day or that there was a software problem and had to submitted at the local mobile store. Always carry a fake receipt of the same in case you are asked to furnish it.

4. ” You are the best boss”

Complimenting your boss is widely recommended especially given how corporates function today, your KPI is not the sole criterion to judge you at the end of the year. But do not make it so blatant that it comes across artificial and pre-planned.

5. “I have too much work already”

This can lead you to some serious trouble. Your boss would inevitably assume you are not ambitious and you lack the zeal to excel in what you are doing. Ambitious people are supposed to never complain about the inhumane workload and rather than stupefying timeline assigned.

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