The Top 10 romantic songs for this Valentines Day

Eric ClaptonLeo Tolstoy had once, very famously, commented that “Music is the shorthand of emotion“. Times have changed no doubt; but even today, most of us would probably agree with this statement. The reason is very simple: Music is eternal and so is love, probably the most powerful emotion of them all. So, this Valentines Day, we at Dailyvedas are presenting you with a compilation of what we feel are some of the best romantic songs ever penned.

1. “Wonderful Tonight”– Eric Clapton

The moment when Chandler proposed to Monica in ‘FRIENDS‘ was considered to be one of the most romantic moments in recent television history and if one was listening carefully, he could probably make out that this was the song which was playing in the background then. This beautiful ballad has helped the eternal lovebirds express their love for one another for quite sometime now. The slow, romantic and trippy notes does make one feel loved, to say the least.

2. “Love will keep us alive”– Eagles

There are good songs, there are great songs and then there is this. Every time you listen to this song, it makes you realize the power of love. The lyrics make you cry. In fact, Glen Frey, one of the members of the band couldn’t hold back his tears,himself, when he listened to the final take. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that this song has struck a chord with so many people around the world.

3. “Hey There Delilah”– Plain White T’s

They say music comes straight from the heart and the greatest source of inspiration for an artist is the huge repertoire of his real life experiences. Tom Higgenson( the lead singer of the band) went to a school in New York. In his class there was this pretty girl named ‘Delilah‘. Tom liked her, but couldn’t muster up the courage to ask her out,ever. Later in those times of ‘vacant or in pensive mood’, Tom penned this song, imagining how life would have been if he and Delilah were together. His unconditional love for the girl could probably be realized from the following few lines:

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they’ve got planes and trains and cars
I’d walk to you if I had no other way

4. “Everything I do”– Bryan Adams

In my humble opinion, Bryan Adams has to be one of the most underestimated rockstars of the past decade. The fact that he hails from Canada doesn’t really help. Very few singers have actually written more hit romantic numbers than him. Just the feel of his songs is something different, something ethereal. No one really knows the number of times this song has helped people make up after a gruelling fight, but it would probably run into millions!

5. “Here Without You”– 3 Doors Down

This song has been a new age sensation. It has taken the world by storm over the past decade and everywhere and anywhere you go, you can hear this being played. The thing that works for this song is undoubtedly the lyrics. “I’ve got to make this life make sense” is a line from one of 3 Doors Down’s most popular songs, “Away From the Sun” and in many ways it sums up the true driving force behind  the band’s work: The directness of Brad Arnold’s(Vocals/ Drums) lyrics.

6. “Honey and the Moon”– Joseph Arthur

Not many are probably aware of this song. Not like some of the other ones mentioned above, anyway. However, if, at some point you used to follow the American television series “The OC”, you might have come across it and fallen in love with it. Joseph Arthur probably possesses the most fresh voice I have heard in recent times. This song is perfect for those lonely, long nights without your partner in some distant faraway land!

7. “With or Without You”– U2

When you think of certain bands you can’t, but, help feel envious of the talent that they possess. Led Zeppelin is probably the name that first comes to mind with this regard. However, in recent times U2 has taken over the mantle, for sure. Pick and choose any of their songs from any of their albums and it might all ready be a part of some glorious collection! That is the kind of musical brilliance they possess. I chose this song simply because of its popularity but feel free to replace it with some other number from their vast repertoire!

8.” Never Say Never”– The Fray

This band,again, might not have that kind of following that some of the other illustrious ones in this list may possess. However, in recent times, they have developed a cult following of their own. Rock n’ Roll legend Slash, has, in fact, gone on records stating that this is one of the very few new age band he listens to. Nothing, then, could pay a richer testament to their fine musical acumen. The song in question is a typical ‘Fray’ song, packed with powerful lyrics and right notes. The line “Don’t Let me go” gives me the chills every time I listen to it!

9. “Something”– The Beatles

The band that could probably do no wrong! “Something” was the first Beatles song to have been written and composed by George Harrison. In fact, it is the only song penned by Harrison to have topped the US Billboards charts, whilst he was still a member of the group.

10. “Chasing Cars”– Snow Patrol

Many say that Snow Patrol is a ‘one hit song band’ and I won’t argue with them! However, thank God that they indeed came up with this one song! This song is, in many ways, a true reflection of what it feels to be like in love. One doesn’t need to do anything fancy. One doesn’t need to say that many poetic words. One can probably just:

“.. waste time

Chasing cars
Around our heads.”


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