Top 5 gadgets to look out for in 2014


Many tech fans are constantly looking ahead to 2014 and coming up with their own list of top gadgets to look forward to. The tech industry will soon be launching a wide range of gadgets that will surely hit the markets and will be sold out like hot cakes. Whether rumors about these upcoming gadgets are true with their official release dates still to be released, here are the top 5 gadgets to watch out for this 2014.

1. Apple iWatch

Sony and Samsung may have been the first two companies to have been the first entries into the smart watch domain but if there’s one tech company to make really big out of it, it’s surely none other than Apple. With its superior quality and breath taking display along with touches of superior technology, many analysts are thinking it to be the biggest release of 2014, especially if it will push through with the rumored flexible display feature.

2. Google Nexus 10.2

Everyone is pretty much optimistic with what Google has in store with it for its next standard sized tablet considering the fact that there has been no upgrades in the last year. Fans are expecting pretty similar elements of the Google line of products that include a reliable hardware at a price also favouring the pocket.

3. Amazon Phone

With rumours surrounding the possibility of Amazon releasing a smartphone this time around, there is enough reason to include it in this list of top gadgets to watch out for. If Amazon has the potential to roll out one of the best tablets and e-book readers in the market, then none can doubt its potential to come up with an ideal smartphone for the market.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the most would-be-popular tech gadgets to come out is Samsung Galaxy S5 which could be considered to be the main competitor of the amazing iPhone 5s. If rumors are be believed, then the world will see its debut by January,and it’s surely one of the top priority gadgets to be checked out by 2014.

5. Google Glass

The Google glass is something that everyone is so excited about. Once it becomes readily available by around June this year, it won’t be weird anymore to find someone wearing an odd pair of gadget around their heads and roaming out here and there.

So which of these top 5 gadgets are you looking forward to by 2014? Start having some savings from now on to bag the first launch of each kind in the market. Best of Luck!

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