Top 5 songs of Kurt Cobain!

Kurt Cobain in his element!

Kurt Cobain in his element!

No one can describe Kurt Cobain, the front man of legendary grunge band Nirvana,as well as he, himself, did. In one of those moments of self inspection, he wrote, “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”  This tells you something about the man, doesn’t it? Cobain was a man who lived on his terms and well, also died on his own sweet will. An unfortunate member of Club 27, he would have been celebrating his 47th birthday today, had he been alive. Here is a list of songs, which according to me, is a true reflection of the kind of creative skills the man possessed:

1. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” : Very few people, who swear by their rock music, would have spent their teens without idolizing this song. The sheer energy, coupled with the rhythmic beats which provided for ample head banging opportunities, led this song to attain a cult status.

2. “Come As You Are”: One of my personal favorites. Lyrically speaking, it can’t get much better than this. It is said, Cobain wrote this song, after he was befuddled by a girl, with her dual personality. This might be true as it’s a well documented fact that an artist draws inspiration from his vast repertoire of real life experiences!

3. “The Man who sold the world”: Another one of Cobain’s classics! It is said this song is a reflection of Cobain’s life: How he used to perform every day on stage, in front of millions of unknown faces for their pleasure. He felt he was selling himself off to the public, a little by little, everyday. 

4. “Lithium” : Lithium is straight out the punk rock text book. The lyrics, the tight musical arrangement and the rustic voice of Kurt Cobain makes for one orgasmic hear!

5.“Rape Me” : This song had created a huge furore when it had come out! Every one was after Cobain for his daredevil attitude and choice of words. But, Cobain didn’t pay much heed to it because according to him, “ Life fucks us all, No one dies a virgin!” 

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