Trick to book MI4 64/16 GB on Flipkart during sales

Xiomi MI4

The MI4 64/16GB sale is on through flipkart and we have come up with a trick that may just ensure your purchase. The process is fairly easy (but we haven’t been able to test it though since it is the first sale, we tested and purchased and it worked a charm) and should just work. You will need Google Chrome browser and pre registration. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have Google Chrome browser installed.
  2. Make sure you have registered for the MI4 sale. The registration is closed for now, so
    in case you have missed you can try it on the next sale.
  3. Now follow the procedure below:

#1: Open the Purchase page on Google Chrome

Go to the sales page by clicking this link. If you are already registered then it will show up a page with countdown timer.

#2: Enter the developer console

In Google Chrome press the F12 key and it will bring you the developer tool. Click on the console button as shown in the picture below.

MI4 - Dev Console

#3: Run the JavaScript

Now in the console copy and paste this small javascript code and press enter

window.dvMIPurchase = setInterval(function(){ if ($('.jbv-reserve').length) {$('.jbv-reserve').trigger('click'); console.log('Working on the purchase! Dont press any key until we add your phone to your cart.'); clearInterval(window.dvMIPurchase);} else { console.log('Still waiting for the countdown!') } },50);

Check the screenshot to confirm.

Mi4 - Paste the script

#4: Wait till the countdown reaches zero

That’s it. Now hold on tight. If you do not see the success message “Working on the purchase” even after the timeout, then do click it manually.

MI4 - Countdown

That’s all for now, we will update as I make my personal purchase! The script above works and it booked my phone like a charm!

My MI4

Good luck! We hope you get it in the next sale. For those who aren’t into Xiomi Mi series phone, or do not know what we are talking about, wait till our next post, where I would do a personal unboxing and a review of this brand new phone.


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