Vedas Team

Dailyvedas was conceptualized by five friends with the sole target of revitalizing the culture of writing among men and women alike. It yearns to cut across age barriers and provide an impartial forum to share their knowledge. They have previously worked together to organize Kolkata’s first Inter-College Sports Festival as an attempt to promote sports within the city.

The Team:

1. Swashata Ghosh: Lead Developer

A seasoned Web Developer with expertise in WordPress programming, cutting edge CSS3 and HTML5 implementation, jQuery/JavaScript interactiveness, MySQL database management and PHP scripting. Other than that,  also an avid blogger, a geek, a friend, an optimist, a hard working, fun loving and overall a curious human being!

2. Akash Ghosh: Lead Designer and Visualizer

Believes he is not a computer nerd, hardcore programmer geek or an evasive blogger but an embellished Designer/Programmer/Engineer. His most valuable ideal of life is “The knowledge is free”.

3. Prateek Sarkar: Managing Editor

A religious Manchester United fan and a failed engineer, he gets his daily share of adrenaline by writing about football!

4. Sayantan Mukherjee: Senior Editor

A simple guy with simple tastes, music and sports makes his days!

5. Uttiya Mukherjee : Honorary Member(April 10, 1991 – March 1, 2014)

An engineer, passionate guitarist, music lover, in love with the lenses, recently took to ramp walking, loves twirling his hair, loud, terrific writer, terrible footballer, a loyal friend, a fun loving highly ambitious guy with occasional bouts of high blood pressure. Like he puts, ‘ right here, right now it’s exactly where you are supposed to be’.

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