Wearable Gadgets of 2015

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The intense innovative and fashionable gadgets are going to rule the market in 2015 and it is going to be a “wearable era”. The array of potential that these wearable gadgets offer, seems to be infinite. The multi functionality of wearable gadgets will allow you to keep connected to the web whenever, wherever!  At the moment wearables have shown only a few of their capabilities. Consumer’s attitude towards them and their gradual refinement will determine the real impact and they will then truly become part of our everyday life.

Smartphones have already become virtually indispensable in the daily life of millions. They have allowed our ‘virtual life’ to travel with us in our handbags and pockets. New connectivity gadgets and smart watches are taking over the market slowly. Earlier wearable technology was known mainly for athletes and other sport players for keeping them fit. Now wearable technology is being embraced by the general public as well for different reasons. Wearable gadgets are considered more stylish and versatile which makes them more discreet and easy to use.

The most anticipated wearable gadgets of 2015 are listed below:

Apple Watch

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Apple is all set to enter the world of wearables this April, with its latest product Apple Watch. This most anticipated product has made its presence known for months, and Apple has released a software development kit so that the developers can create Apple Watch apps well in advance of the product launch. Unlike the other products of Apple, this new wearable does not have “i” in its name, and it has already clear that it has become a major tentpole   in the wearable industry. It is just another charmingly flawed wearable gadget or will it be the saviour of smartwatches? The answer is not known yet.

The Apple Watch will be available in three segments namely: Apple sports watch, Apple watch and Apple Watch Edition. It functions as a fitness tracker, music player, communication device and as a handheld portal to the applications on other Apple devices. It is designed to blend perfectly with Apple’s services and allows access to home automation devices. The wearable is designed to work along the iPhone and remain paired with the devices and gain access to all its features.

GlaGla Digitsole

Capture - Gla Gla DigisoleGlaGla International has created the world’s first connected interacting and heating insole, the Digitsole.   The company’s Kickstarter campaign in November 2014 was successful and the product is ready to ship across the globe.

The Digitsole is half foot warmer and half activity tracker. It looks and feels like a normal insole. It includes a built-in thermostat that can keep your feet warm. The insole is capable of tracking your steps, distance, burnt calories and determines your altitude after you provide the company’s iOS app or Android app with your age, height, sex and weight information.

By using the smartphone app, heating feature can be enabled and you can adjust each insole to the perfect temperature individually. With continuous heat, battery life is rated between 6 and 8 hours depending on your temperature. The battery will drain fast if the heat is higher. A SMALL Micro-USB port is hidden under the flap near the back of the heel.

Key features of Digitsoe are Shock Heel System, Flex Zone Section and Arch Support System.

Shock Heel system: At the back of the insole a Poron cushion is placed to soften the shock and to spread the vibrations of the foot during running and walking.

Flex zone Section: The natural movement of your feet is optimized by the flexible section which is placed near the toe.

Arch Support Section: The additional arch support is provided in the Digitsole to help with balancing and posture.

The Digitsole platform is excellent in controlling the vibrations and is made up of extremely lightweight material designed and developed by Digitsole engineers.

iHealth Edge

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iHealth Labs, a Health and wellness company is showcasing its newest wearable, the iHealth Edge. This activity tracker can be worn on your wrist or waist and it can be used to track your steps, distance and burnt calories. These information can be viewed on the device’s OLED screen. You can wake up this screen with a double tap or by raising your hand to your face. Automatic sleep tracking is also included in the tracker, and inactivity alerts to remind you to get up and move and a silent alarm feature which vibrates gently to wake you up in the morning.

The best feature of this wearable is sleep activity which helps user to move around when longer inactivity periods are detected. The device works with iOS 8 and Android. The battery is amazing and it lasts upto 7 days with normal daily routine usage. The price is affordable with respect to its features and design and is upto $70


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