Women’s Day Special: 5 Indian Women Who Chose Unconventional Careers

In the patriarchal culture of India, some path breaking women have set new heights for achievements. These women did not do things that are different, they did things differently to break through the “women can’t do what men can” age old stereotype.



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Mary Kom – Boxing

Belonging to extremely poor family she set forth on a journey which she knew would challenge her physically and mentally. Today we know Mary Kom, a 5 time world champion in boxing. She did our country proud with her tenacity, struggle and has become a living example to all aspiring women boxers around the country. So next time you hear a girl who wants to be a boxer just think of Mary Kom.


Bachendri Pal

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Bachendri Pal – Mountaineering

Bachendri Pal from Uttarakhand is the first woman to climb the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. Well we know the amount of strength one needs for mountaineering but this woman is a daredevil who broke all the limitations and challenged herself to accomplish this goal.



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Ishita Malaviya – Surfer

She is India’s first woman surfer. Let alone women surfers in India, there are hardly any at all given the lack of popularity this sport enjoys in the country. She believes, that this adventure sport helps her remain calm and connect with nature.



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Prema Ramappa – Bus Driver

Women are bad drivers, we hear this often don’t we? But before you run into conclusions you should know about Prema Ramappa. She is the first lady BMTC bus driver in Bangalore. Her husband died 10 years ago leaving her to choose this unconventional career. While it’s difficult to think of women drivers in urban cities, here is this lady who is making it big by being one.


Mehvish Mushtaq

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Mehvish Mushtaq – App Developer ‘Dial Kashmir’

Mehvish realized that people in Kashmir faced a lot of problems in searching for essential contacts of doctors, police or emergency centers. To come up with solution she thought of ‘Dial Kashmir’. It’s an app which is like yellow pages specifically for Kashmir. It has all essential numbers and important contacts from the place. Kashmir is a place which is itself not so encouraging for women belonging to such fields and Mehvish did accept that she faced a lot of obstacles but ‘Dial Kashmir’ became her dream and she wanted to turn it to reality anyhow.


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