World’s largest democratic process ends in India

Unprecedented violence in West Bengal this polls!

Lok Sabha polls are over with violence in a few states

One and half month long poll process has come to an end with all the political parties waiting for the curtain raiser on the 16th of May 2014 . The poll managers, who had a trying time to manage the poll process to turn the wind in their favour sustaining the sweltering atmosphere, now  have sighed a relief.

The opinion poll had suggested that there is going to be a saffron surge in 2014 parliament election. With the introduction of Modi as the prime ministerial candidate for the saffron brigade, the BJP played a gamble with both benefit and loss at sight. The BJP cleverly projected Modi at the helm which had culminated into vote polarization leaving the other political opponents to run for votes. The parties opposed to Modi had played the communal card and tried to woo the Muslims to get into their fold.

The voting pattern through out the country does not seem to be in the context of caste and community division. The poll pundits believe that BJP who had secured over 3% of Muslim votes in 2009 parliament election and this time, despite all divisive politics, they will win more Muslim votes compared to 2009 General election.

The exit poll, conducted by various TV channels, predicted that National Democratic Alliance, led by Bharatiya Janata Party, are going to get the majority to form the next government at the centre.  The Congress is going to face its worst ever poll verdict in the history of Indian electoral process and is likely to be reduced to its lowest ever tally. As per the exit poll prediction, the only regional players like Jayalalitha, Mamata and Naveen are likely to halt the Modi wave which swept most parts of the country.

The new voters who are nearly 14 crores this election seem to have played a crucial role in changing the political scenario of the country.  The sluggish economy, flawed policies and corruption were high on first timers change-list. If the exit poll is proven right, the BJP will surely be called a purely national party in the context of seats which they are going to win from different parts of the country. The saffron brigade, even under the leadership of Bajpayee and Advani, were restricted to mainly to the cow belt and to some extent in western parts of the country. Under the leadership of Modi, who is said to be single handedly  riding on the wave of  anti incumbency,  elevated the party to the desired level. Modi’s style of speech which is a mixture of humour and criticism has attracted the crowd in numbers to stand behind him.

When rest of the country almost observed a peaceful vote in this election, the states of Andhra and West Bengal saw bullets over ballots in certain parts of the states and got many injured.

Although, this election like any other previous election has not been conducted without allegations and counter allegations, but the Election Commission have done a commendable job. Although it needs to upgrade its procedures and responsive schedule, with some partisan behaviour on the part of Election Commission when EC was found wanting on several operational fronts. Lakhs of eligible voters in Mumbai and other parts of country who found their names missing from the electoral rolls represents a serious lapse. EC’s efficacy has been brought into question over its handling of the Varanasi fiasco involving Narenra Modi’s rally. Given the array of constitutional power conferred upon EC, there is need to pare down the role of the institution to its core objective – to ensure free an fair election with upholding probity and neutrality.

Whatever be the verdict and whoever crossed the line, after all, it is the Indian democracy which has won this poll and the heroes are the citizen of India.

Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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